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ralf schwartz | Distinctive Leadership Manifesto
talk/tank - See the Wood for the Trees again.
Distinctive Leadership | Corporate Strategy, Innovation & Value Creation
KREATIVE GEGEN KREBS | krebsuzette | The Forth Club

Sept 2020: 7+ Jahre Krebs und 3+ Jahre intensiver KREATIVE GEGEN KREBS Kooperationen und Gespräche mit Ehrenamt, Selbsthilfe, gemeinnützigem Verein, NGO auf der einen, Agentur, Management, Unternehmen auf der anderen Seite, gebaren drei Specials für Euer Engagement, Eure Effektivität, Euren Erfolg:

TALK/TANK Spezial:
Was können Agentur und Unternehmen für Purpose, Strategie, Innovation, Marketing von Ehrenamt, gVerein, NGO lernen?

Was können Management und HR für Selbstführung, Leadership, Kultur und CSR aus meiner 'Nahtoderfahrung Krebs' lernen?

Wie können Ehrenamt, Selbsthilfe, gVerein, NGO über sich hinauswachsen? Wie wird die gGmbH wieder sie selbst?

[PURPOSE (BESTIMMUNG, nicht profaner Zweck)
Seit Anbeginn des modernen Menschen einfach 'der Sinn
des Lebens' - sei es Mensch, Marke, Unternehmen:
> What Difference Do You Make?
> What Value Do You Create?
> Why would anybody Miss You?

Die kleine Schwester des - aktuell
wiedermal verballhornten - Purpose.
Richtig mit Leben gefüllt > der richtige
erste Schritt in die richtige Richtung.]

Sendet mir gerne eine Mail via Klick auf
das für Euch relevante Thema oben.

Leadership Strategist, Mentor, Counsellor.
Helping you to Do Good & Become Better.

Den Wald vor lauter Bäumen sehen.

Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.

lead/marke CHA[LLE]NGEs YOUR GAME, CO-CREATEs, CRAFTs your Corporate Vision & Strategy, your Business Innovation, Brand Engagement, and Communication Agility. #humansolutions

Human Solutions 'Manifesto':
The individual must become
the Entrepreneurial Nucleus again.
Business must become Solution,
Marketing must become Service,
Communication must become Engagement.

(2005 - more true each day)

Digitalization, the web, and mobility maximize human's individuality, independence, and impatience with unprecedented power and pace.

New consumers call for innovative playing fields (markets), new rules (business models), and new players adding innovative thinking (leadership).

New entrepreneurs create revolutionary, skyrocketing business models and markets, products and services - unmatched by traditional managers, brands, and businesses.


We cannot solve our problems with the same
thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

The corporate minds must finally outgrow themselves!
To add value to the corporation they will have to create true solutions, virtues, and values for the individual again:

What Difference Do You Make?
What Value Do You Create?
Why would anybody Miss You?
(2005 - and more relevant each Day. 2019: They call it Purpose now.)

leadmarke - Innovation & Value Creation
Creating Value for the Individual, Adding Value to the Corporation.

LM01: lead/marke CHA[LLE]NGEs your Corporate Vision and Strategy, your Business Innovation, Brand Engagement, Communication Agility by answering "Why would anybody Miss You [today]?" via
> the Human Solutions 'Manifesto',
> fore/zeit's Informal Markets Matrix*,
> BACE (Brand Ambition, Culture, and Engagement).
(BACE may challenge HR, Marketing, Customer Experience, too.)

LM02: lead/marke CO-CREATEs your Vision, Strategy, Business Model and Market, physical or digital (or both) Products/Services by answering "Why would anybody Miss You [tomorrow]?" via
> the Human Solutions 'Manifesto',
> fore/zeit's Informal Markets Matrix*.
*fore/zeit's Informal Markets Matrix is a 4-dimensional foresight & innovation canvas featuring human's new Individuality, Independence, Impatience (which are - due to digitalization, the web, and mobility - today's key innovation drivers).

(Intro to fore/zeit's Informal Markets Matrix session.)

LM03: lead/marke CO-CREATEs your Brand Engagement - at eye level with your product development and product life cycles.
By passionately inspiring the individual to enthusiastically engage with your brand and 'spread the message' themselves traditional advertising ideally(!) becomes redundant.

Henry Jenkins, Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program

Brand Engagement is a blend of Cha[lle]nging the Game, Gamification, and Game Theory's reciprocity. Based upon fore/zeit's Informal Markets Matrix and the intuitive, but quite demanding "PLUG x PLAY x WIN-WIN".

LM04: lead/marke CRAFTs your Communication Agility
By first and foremost inspiring each employee and the company itself your brand becomes a community, curator, content provider.

Sean Moffitt

To operationalize that Communication Agility
- liaises all your relevant engagements, agencies, competencies,
- balances your make-or-buy-or-consult decisions,
- builds the respective departments/functions/competencies.


LM05: lead/marke CHA[LLE]NGEs, CO-CREATEs, CRAFTs Human Solutions to grow a sustainably distinctive and successful future for the corporation, its employees, and customers.

Your Investment?

Let us talk about your needs:

Is it LM01, LM02, LM03, LM04? Or a Mix of them?
Or is it LM05 (the full package)? - Wir sollten reden.

Individually tailored Innovation & Value Creation projects

longterm projects or full-time permanence

My 33+ years of experience blend a profound strategic business planning and leadership competence (managing director for almost 10 years) with relevant brand and marketing expertise.

Wir sollten reden.
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